Sporting Goods for Sale in Sturgeon Bay, WI

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ATN x sight HD for sale /trade, up graded to the x sight ii hd so this one got to go picture is factory standard will send pic's on request
I have a .270 Savage 110e that is in decent shape. I will post some pictures of it after deer season or if you contact me I can send you a few. The gun is in decent shape overall, it does have a little wear on it but nothing bad. The barrel had some minor rust starting on it from the previous owner but i did my best to clean it all up. The only thing that I don't like is the previous owner put ...
I have a Savage 110e .270 bolt action. This is a top load gun so their is no clip or magazine. This gun is in fair shape but it does have some wear from over the years but overall it works and performs great. The original owner of this gun put on an aftermarker trigger guard so it doesnt fit right (doesnt effect anything as far as performance) it isnt loose or anytbing just not the proper size....
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